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Battery ePower

The SUNDEM FIRST has a 360 Wh LiFePo4 battery for ≈ 1 1/2 hours of strong 'tailwind' in cases when there is no sun.

Please consider that at full sun perpendicular to the solar generator roof the battery is recharged approx. at the same 360W rate in 1 hour only.

VeloSolAir Swalin 2.0At full and perpendicular sun the solar generated power allows driving with maximum power of the e-drive train in self-sustaining mode  - solar charging current compensates the load current of the battery then.

In practice even though you might not be able to always reach the fully autonomous mode if the sky is not sunny and clear and assuming you really drive mostly at maximum throttle you will be able to drive several hours at full support of the e-drive train depending on the sun of course. After the battery is empty you have the options to either continue with reduced throttle at a support rate that does not exceed the current generated solar power or to go for a break and harvest new human enery during the time that the SUNDEM® harvests new solar energy to the battery. Of course you are alternatively able to charge the battery with the provided charger by plugging to the grid if ever necessary.
In more details: The motor is rated at 360 W continuous power and operated near the point of maximum efficiency due to the design of the SUNDEM® power train. A charged battery therefore brings enough energy for 1 hour at maximum e-power of the motor.
Harvest a maximum of energyThe lower elevation of the sun in the morning and evening hours is compensated by directing the Swalin 2.0 solar roof to the sun during the pause. You will be able to recharge your energy and the SUNDEM's backed energy - both - up to every last wonderfull ray at sunset.

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  • ♦ As a rule of thumb to get a feeling on the numbers you may bear in mind: The maximum e-power of the motor equals a bicycles world champions power or two times the power of strong bicycle amateurs or 4 times the power of normal cyclists.
    ♦ The FAQ-section gives answers to questions you may have, not only about the SUNDEM® battery.
    ♦ The headlights and the taillights of the SUNDEM® are powered by the main battery too.

    Read more about Energy: Mind Energy!...

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