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Travelling Speed & Cost

Racebicycle speedSpeed:
As a rule of thumb you can expect to achieve the double speed of a bicycle with your SUNDEM® even if you ride it alone. In practice and with normal pedaling you will quite easily reach 40 km/h on a plain, windless road. Reaching 45 km/h needs either stronger, sportive pedaling or pedaling of captain and stoker. The push of the motor is limited to 45 km/h due to the EU regulations for vehicles of category L1E. Getting faster than 45 km/h is therefore limited to racy captains and stokers or to sloped areas.

cockpit 320
Assuming the normal case for bicycle travels, this means that you travel mostly during the day in good weather conditions in mostly unshaded areas and that you take a break from time to time you can expect to get enough energy from the SUNDEMs solar roof to enjoy a wonderful solar tailwind for free. If you ever recharge the battery on the grid, the cost is approx. 1/3 of the cost of a kWh (typ. < 0,3 €) equals < 0,1 € for another hour of very strong tailwind.

The Freedom

SkyTravelling to the most exciting places in the world or simply to the beauties around you - whatever targets you have, the SUNDEM® will take you closer with a smile. And you will experience more friendly smiles on your way - for sure.

SUNDEM® smiles :-) :-)
are infectuous smiles :-) :-)    :-) :-)     :-) :-)

The Facts

matrix 0001

Two-seats sports-roadster,
midship engine, net 45 kg, 1000 W peak power, 400 W peak solar shield, rain & uv shelter, e-push up to
45 km/h,
0,0 l / 100 km
0,0 mg CO2
0,0 € fuel
... per world tour

ZERO  eMission
PURE  eMotion
See the Technical Spec for more details ...

The Power

autozubehoer 0011is Teampower!  

   100% Captain
+ 100% Stoker
+ 200% Solar ePower
Up to 1000 W peak to break the bicycle limits to yet unknown freedom with your SUNDEM® Vehicle.

400% the Human Power
Read more about 400% Blue Power ...


satzzeichen 0031Where can I experience a SUNDEM®?
Come to test a SUNDEM with us or with one of our partners. The contacts can be found in the section Come to Experience a SUNDEM Model. Our partners love to pilot a SUNDEM - preferably with you!

and with a SUNDEM® smile :-)

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