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An ultralight, hybrid, Human Powered and Solar Powered electric Roadster designed for up to 2 persons, optimized in weight and aerodynamics and perfected to live the great freedom exploring the world's beauty on your own mind and with 400% Blue Power, pushed by the tail wind of the free solar energy wherever you travel.

The SUNDEM® ZERO prototype vehicle.

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The VeloSolAir team works on the following roadmap to develop affordable solar vehicles:
the first prototype ZERO, our first SUNDEM development machine:

from left to door highres

SUNDEM® Zero        

the first commercially available manufactured small series - the first SUNDEM design machine:

SUNDEM® FIRST         

the later top-model WORLD, a SUNDEM without compromise, designed for your worldwide adventures - the ultimate SUNDEM adventure machine:


the next long-term vision for a friendly, fully ecologic mobility for people in Africa. Robust, basic, affordable, yet powerfull - the pure SUNDEM work machine:


... our roadmap is designed to make solar mobility reality now. Zero emission - no fuel cost - great fun with the sun.

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The Freedom

SkyTravelling to the most exciting places in the world or simply to the beauties around you - whatever targets you have, the SUNDEM® will take you closer with a smile. And you will experience more friendly smiles on your way - for sure.

SUNDEM® smiles :-) :-)
are infectuous smiles :-) :-)    :-) :-)     :-) :-)

The Facts

matrix 0001

Two-seats sports-roadster,
midship engine, net 45 kg, 1000 W peak power, 400 W peak solar shield, rain & uv shelter, e-push up to
45 km/h,
0,0 l / 100 km
0,0 mg CO2
0,0 € fuel
... per world tour

ZERO  eMission
PURE  eMotion
See the Technical Spec for more details ...

The Power

autozubehoer 0011is Teampower!  

   100% Captain
+ 100% Stoker
+ 200% Solar ePower
Up to 1000 W peak to break the bicycle limits to yet unknown freedom with your SUNDEM® Vehicle.

400% the Human Power
Read more about 400% Blue Power ...


satzzeichen 0031Where can I experience a SUNDEM®?
Come to test a SUNDEM with us or with one of our partners. The contacts can be found in the section Come to Experience a SUNDEM Model. Our partners love to pilot a SUNDEM - preferably with you!

and with a SUNDEM® smile :-)

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