What Test Pilots Say?

A fantastic new feeling ... Freedom powered by the sun! ... So great to travel 'our world' ... Pushed by the sun! - it's incredible! and it's great fun to pilot ... Immediately waked my desire to start touring with it - preferably with my best friend ...


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This page may be not completed or not available in English. Your ideas and contributions are welcome. Join the VeloSolAir friends! and contribute with your capabilities if you like. Just get in contact!

Friends & Pilots

Why should you subscribe to the VeloSolAir ®   FRIENDS & PILOTS           ?
As registered VeloSolAir friends
  • ♦ you are able to opt for a reservation for a SUNDEM®  ZERO      test drive,
  • ♦ you can opt for a nonbinding reservation for one of the limited SUNDEM®  FIRST      ,
  • ♦ you will be able to modify your individual designs for captain and stoker as soon as implemented,
  • ♦ you will have the option to turn your nonbinding SUNDEM reservation to a binding order,
  • ♦ you will be able to communicate with other VeloSolAir friends and to contribute to the design and specification of the new vehicle.

Friends help making touring on a SUNDEM® their own reality and freedom soon!

It's your choice: There are several options to support the VeloSolAir team and roadmap to develop the solar vehicles
Friends & Pilots as described above if you are fascinated by solar powered vehicles and don't want to miss the option to get one of the first SUNDEMs available in limited, signed edition with your individual names or signs for captain and stoker.
Project Partners if you want to support us as technology partners, as supplier, as sponsor, as sales partner or if you want to improve your marketing based on the SUNDEM attention and sympathy wherever it appears in relation with your company.
Angels & Investors if you want to support our growth with your know-how and/or financial capabilities.
and you may contribute helping to solve one of our open tasks and jobs in the project as an expert and collaborate with us - just as you like. You are most welcome - get in direct Contact.