Myth VeloSolAir

... prowdly presented with a SUNDEM® smile :-)

The future of a great story that began long ago and continues now with nordic mythology 2.0 on a SUNDEM. See the main actors Sol, Mani and the Swalin in the picture and find the myth below the Velo - Sol - and Air logo. Have fun!

Máni and Sól by Lorenz FrølichSun goddess Sol and Mani moon god under the Swalin in an illustration by Lorenz Frølich

Swalin: a shield which Asen attached to the chariot of the goddess Sol. He is supposed to protect Sol and the cart before the scorching heat of the sun.

Swalin 2.0, the new shield of the solar SUNDEM: Swalin 2.0 new solar technology sun shield


Vélo french: le vélo, short for for vélocipède ‚fast foot‘; latin velox ‚fast‘ and pes ‚foot‘), is a mostly double wheel, single lane land vehicle propelled by human powered pedalling.
Benz Velo is also the name of the first automobil by Carl Benz manufactued in series.
A Tandem-Vélo (double ‚fast foot'  is now the base for the first solar wagon manufactured in series: the SUNDEM® by VeloSolAir®.
Carl Benz is well known, owes his success to his wife Bertha and his daughter Mercedes. The negative effects of his success with the combustion engine on our environment he might have prevented, if he had at that time already knew the sun goddess Sól.


Sól is the personified Sun in Norse mythology. Sól is the daughter of Mundilfari, sister of the moon god Máni and wife of Glenr. Sól drives still with the old sun chariot across the sky, so the Norse mythology, pulled by horses Arvakr and Alsvidr. Maybe she drives now also a nice Mercedes-Benz. In the near future Sól will probably complement the divine fleet also with a SUNDEM® and take her husband Glenr with the travel through the air with the sporty 'zero emission' sun chariot.

 Air ®

All major gods are thus back to the fresh, pure, blue air and keep moving in order to live again. So far, in ancient mythology only  the shield Swalin protects the chariot of the sun goddess from the sun heat. The team is, however, still pursued relentlessly by the Wolf Sköl. On the day of world destruction Sköl will catch the sun and swallow, they say. But Sól gives birth to a daughter, more beautiful than herself, which will appear in the new world. And if she changes in time for the new SUNDEM driven by the solar wind, with the new Solar Shield Swalin 2.0, it will last longer to the end of the world. Unless Sköl it is doing it equal and also takes a quick SUNDEM. In order that Sköl isn't faster, hopefully the athletic Glenr will be on board the divine SUNDEM® as co-pilot. Another reason for Glenr to join the divine tandem is to secure the second option with the wonderful daughter. In any case, the mythology remains exciting ... and as a start our wonderful world is saved!