What Test Pilots Say?

A fantastic new feeling ... Freedom powered by the sun! ... So great to travel 'our world' ... Pushed by the sun! - it's incredible! and it's great fun to pilot ... Immediately waked my desire to start touring with it - preferably with my best friend ...

Come to Experience a SUNDEM Model

Besides all the facts: real experience is the key! the key for the SUNDEM-smile!


As soon as the SUNDEM®  FIRST       will be available we plan to offer testing facilities for you. You will be able to test the vehicle on our site in southern Germany and on the sites of our partner network. The partner network is still under construction.
To opt for a test ride now join the
VeloSolAir ®    Friend Program 
and subscribe to the SUNDEM test drive reservation list or get in direct contact with us.
If you would like to offer SUNDEM Products to your customers, don't hesitate to join the
VeloSolAir ®   Partner Program .