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Solar ePower

The SUNDEM ZERO has an ultralight 400 Wp solar generator for self-sustaining energy generation during your travels

Up to 400 W Solar Power of the SUNDEM® means that under full and perpendicular sun your SUNDEM® generates the rated 360 W of the motor at full throttle. You feel like a Top-Tour-de-France cyclist is pushing the pedals with you on the tandem. 

Swalin 2.0 seen from the rear Swalin 2.0: the new solar shield for Sól and Glenr. An ultralight carbon frame and highest efficiency solar cells for a maximum performance.

Solar charging in traveling and in inclined parking position:

Sonne tanken

During breaks in your travels simply orientate and optionally lay down the SUNDEM® to inclined parking position in direction perpenticular to the radiation of the sun and harvest a maximum of free solar energy with up to 400 W.
The image shows the first prototype SUNDEM® ZERO harwesting 360 W during one of the first test rides in april 2014.

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